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Ministry Home Page:
We Need Chaplains And Churches: We want your prayers First, then more help in the jails.
Church, receive a blessing: Winning souls for Christ is the greatest blessing of all.
Churches should set the example: It is the churches job to tell inmate's about Jesus.
The Christian Inmate Page: Lessons and sermons by Christian Inmates.
The Eagle Soars Ministries:
Links to other Prison Ministries:
A few of the chaplain's favorite poems:
A Page dedicated to missing Children:
Bible Study Aids-National Resources: Free and inexpensive bibles and study aids for inmates
Arkansas Baptist Criminal Justice Ministries # 2:
Northeast Arkansas Jail/Prison Ministries:
Arkansas Baptist Jail/Prison Ministries # 3:
Church for Ex-Offenders & Families: A church where ex-offenders and their families can feel welcome.

Chaplain, Ron Faught

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