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    "The Eagle Soars Ministries"
    I waited patiently on the Lord, and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry. He brought me up also out of the horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a Rock, and extablished my goings, Psalm 40:162.
    Well, ok, maybe I haven't always waited patiently, but I did wait and looked only to the hills which cometh my help. So many times the wrong voice says, give up and die. Give up, now where could I go that God would not be there with me? For He is everywhere, and He made everything. Even this old self, that He made and dwells within. Yes, I shall give up, but, I give up the sin in my life everyday and let Him deal with the rest of life's problems
    I see where at times I build my foundation on the sinking sand, and I have to grasp for breath and yell FATHER, HELP ME. Forgive me, and save me from this slime pit of evil. A sinner, saved by grace. Our Father in heaven, only by that grace that I am not even worthy of, He gives to me and I can be a vessel to pour out to others.
    Jesus is the solid Rock that I stand upon. And even winds blow, nothing can blow me away from that rock, that grace, that Father, that hears all my crys. I am full of joy and happiness and smile most all the time. Sure in this prison, I have some sad times. And desperately want to go home. But I hold my head up high, and at times probably by holding my head up high it keeps the tears from falling out. I find joy in touching the hand of a girl full of hate for her mom that was out in the streets and never gave her a home of love and caring. I feel the love of God as I hold a girl that's just coming into the system, and as her tears fall, mine do too. That is when I feel and know that our Father loves us all equally.
    What we do with the grace given, is the answer to the problems of life. Lord, help me to feel you in the hurts of others. And that they may feel You through this broken vessel. May I always be a willing vessel. For going through the fires of the Lord, as He molds and makes us and the dross floats up to the top to skim off by the refiner, sure is painful, but the vessel has to be strong to hold His love, grace, and mercy as I reach out my hand to the hurting right here in the hurting world of prison. Think about the things that you can do as a willing vessel for the hurting people right there in your world. Go to the Nursing Homes, or to the jails with extended hands of our Father.
    Written by Inmate, Cecelia Roleson
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