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"New Beginning Community Church"

    God made our VISION a reality. He gave us a church for ex-offenders and their families. We have been having services since May 2, 1999. We start off with orange juice, coffee and sweet rolls, then we have Sunday School and Worship Service just like any other church. For the last two months we have been having Wednesday Evening Bible Study. We're running around 15 for this service. God has also given us a Childrens Church on Sunday Mornings. We are using volunteer jail ministers and others from the Mother Church as teachers. I am serving as pastor, but as I said above, it's my vision to see an ex-offender pastoring this church.
    It is amazing how God has blessed us. There have been around 30 professions of faith. We have baptized around 40, and another 15-20 have been added to the church, either by letter or Statement.

Ex-Offenders now have a church that they can call their own.

    A Church of Ex-Offender's & Their Families
    Not long ago one of our volunteers, who is a pastor of a local church had a terrible thing happen to him. One of the inmate's who was white, became fond of him, and when he was released, he & his black wife started attending this pastor's church. One of the deacons told the pastor that this couple could attend but if they tried to join the church, there would be trouble, because he would see that there was.
    If I had been that pastor, either the deacon or myself would have left that church. But instead, the pastor took an hour and a half out of his Saturday afternoons and went to this ex-offender's home and taught him and his wife the bible
    I also get letters from other jail/prison ministries that are having the same problem. Here is just a sampling of an e-mail letter like what I get.
    I have been searching the web for information on prison ministries. We are looking for materials on how to get CHURCHES to become aware of the need for placing these ex-inmates into a local church, but as you know, that's not always an easy thing to do.
    A very dear friend of mine said Ron, have you ever thought about starting a church for ex-offenders and their families? The only thing that I could say was "MAN, WOULDN'T THAT BE GREAT". So the Lord gave us a vision. Below, I would like to share that VISION with you.
    My vision is to lead these men & women to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. After they are saved, I want to teach them to grow in Christ until the're released from jail/prison. After they are released, it is my vision to get them into their own church, where they can feel welcome and comfortable, and continue their spiritual growth to full maturity in Christ.
    It is my great desire that these inmates families will become involved in THEIR NEW CHURCH even while their spouses are still in jail. If this is accomplished, the likelihood of the inmate's return to jail is greatly reduced.
    My vision from this point is to see these families grow together in their spiritual life, either in their own church, or any church of their choosing. My vision for the church of the ex-offender and their families is to one day see one of these born-again ex-offenders as SHEPHERD OF THE "NEW BEGINNING COMMUNITY CHURCH".

Chaplain, Ron Faught

United States

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