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Receive The Blessing That God Wishes To Give You

    Prison's no place for an innocent child. There's no room for the meek, no room for the mild.
    The nights are so lonely I toss in my bed. The days are so weary, I face them with dread.
    Grant me one prayer as you did from the Cross, for that thief who knew that his life was a loss.
    Please come to this prison where I sit all alone, Surrounded by razor wire, guard towers and stone.
    Broken and penitent, forgotten and lost, on the ash heap of regreat where my life was tossed.
    I've no other place left on this earth, REMEMBER ME O LORD, renew me by birth.
    Come to this prison, enter my cell, Save me, forgive me, in this man-made Hell.
    And if in this life, no home here I see, In your Kingdom of Forgivness, LORD, please remember me.
    Written by Inmate Pattie Finch

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